Moose Blood Drop New Single, Announce Album Release And North American Tour

Last week, Moose Blood garnered attention while hyping their new single “Talk In Your Sleep” by sharing the sheet music and asking fans to cover the song before it was even released. The band wrote,

“…We want to put this out there to encourage people to learn, embrace, interpret and enjoy music in their own way. We look forward to sharing our version of the song with you all soon.”

Along with the track, Moose Blood teased a “very important announcement” for Monday, December 4.

Well, Monday, December 4 is here, and we officially have a new Moose Blood song (and accompanying video!) to rock out to. As if that’s not fantastic news on its own, the band announced an upcoming album, I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore, set to drop March 9 via Hopeless Records.

But wait, there’s more.

For anyone in the US or Canada who has been feeling bummed ever since Moose Blood announced a UK-only tour next spring, wipe away those emo tears because the real kicker today was a North American tour announcement beginning March 14. That gives us a little time to memorize every song on the album so that we can properly sing our hearts out at the live shows. The general on-sale starts Friday, December 8 at 10am EST. Grab tickets at

moose blood


Check out the video for “Talk In Your Sleep” here.


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