Hawthorne Heights And Knuckle Puck Release Songs While We Wait For The Final Warped Tour Lineup

While we all wait for Warped Tour to announce the lineup for the iconic tour’s final run this summer at 3:00 PM PT, Hawthorne Heights and Knuckle Puck have both released new tracks for us to listen to in the meantime.

Hawthorne Heights dropped “Pink Hearts”, the first single from their upcoming LP. Bad Frequencies will be their first full-length album since 2013 and comes out April 27 via Pure Noise Records. Old school “Ohio is For Lovers” fans will appreciate the opening lines: You know you already kill me / You know you kill me well.

Hawthorne had been without a label for several years and shared some insight on their decision to sign to Pure Noise in the following statement:

“We had been doing it ourselves for a few years, and while we love having all that freedom, we really thought that this was a great album to dive back into the label atmosphere. We’ve followed Pure Noise for years, and have always been impressed with how they release records, and the bands they choose to sign. We really believe Bad Frequencies is one of the best things that we’ve created as Hawthorne Heights, so we wanted to give it every possible chance at success. After a few conversations with Jake [Round, owner], we knew everything would come together quickly, and that it would be a fun project for both the band and the label.”

Check out the upbeat song about growing up here.

As if we weren’t excited enough about a new Hawthorne Heights track, Knuckle Puck have shared a song from a five-song reworking of their last full-length album, Shapeshifter. The reworking will be called Shifted and the first released track is the new version of “Conduit”. Listen to it hereShifted drops on April 6 via Rise Records.

Track Listing: 
1. Conduit
2. Twist
3. Nervous Passenger
4. Gone
5. Wait

Both Hawthorne Heights and Knuckle Puck are touring this spring. Want to see if they’re stopping in a city near you? Links to their tour pages are below.

Hawthorne Heights

Knuckle Puck

Now about that Warped Tour lineup announce. Pins. And. Needles. Please someone make My Chemical Romance be on the list so that emo kids all over the country can have their lives made.



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