MGK, YUNGBLUD And Travis Barker Release New Single, “I Think I’m Okay”

MGK, YUNGBLUD and Travis Barker collaborate to release the single, “I Think I’m Okay.” The lyrics deal with personal feelings with loneliness, sleepless nights and self-sabotage. An example set of the lyrics are: “I’ve been hearing silence on the other side for way too long / I can taste it on my tongue,/ I can […]

YUNGBLUD Releases Rebellious New Anthem “Parents”

“It’s alright, we’ll survive, cause parents ain’t always right” is the last line to YUNGBLUD’s new single “Parents.” The single is reminiscent to YUNGBLUD’s previous hits which play along with themes of loneliness, feelings that rise from being medicated, sinful situations and rebellion against the mainstream.   Other recent single releases include “Loner” in January […]

Hawthorne Heights And Knuckle Puck Release Songs While We Wait For The Final Warped Tour Lineup

While we all wait for Warped Tour to announce the lineup for the iconic tour’s final run this summer at 3:00 PM PT, Hawthorne Heights and Knuckle Puck have both released new tracks for us to listen to in the meantime. Hawthorne Heights dropped “Pink Hearts”, the first single from their upcoming LP. Bad Frequencies will be […]

Moose Blood Drop New Single, Announce Album Release And North American Tour

Last week, Moose Blood garnered attention while hyping their new single “Talk In Your Sleep” by sharing the sheet music and asking fans to cover the song before it was even released. The band wrote, “…We want to put this out there to encourage people to learn, embrace, interpret and enjoy music in their own […]